Thursday, December 4, 2008

Darklore Volume II

I'm shamelessly promoting Darklore Volume II, seeing as how I'm in it. If you're not familar with Darklore, it's a journal of collected articles on the paranormal and esoteric, published and edited by Greg Taylor, who runs the excellent The Daily Grail site. Taylor is also a contributor.

The first volume was fantastic, the second promises to be as well. I just got mine today, and am devouring it; articles by Nick Redfern, Paul Devereux, Mac Tonnies, Jon Downes, Theo Paijmansm Michael Prescott, The Emperor, Philip Coppens, Blair MacKenzie Blake, Michael E. Tymn, Stephen E. Braude Ph.D -- I'm very happy, but astounded, I'm in such fantastic company!

It's a great issue, and no, I'm not just saying that. You can order Darklore Volume II via, or the order page at The Daily Grail site.

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