Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary's Colors Clues?

On UFO Digest, Carolyn S. writes about the colors used in religious stain glass art, and asks if the colors used, particularly the colors used in images of Mary, are clues leading to information as well as location: Connection at New Orleans Cathedral to Rennes Mystery the Box and Mary's Colours

An excerpt from her article:

I have found another coincidence in the colours of Mary and something Ben Hammott has found using the clues he gathered from Rennes Chateau. Its concerning the wood box with the cup ,annointing jar, and other treasures that were found in a cave by Ben Hammott. It has to do with Mary's colours. . . Are these colours marking something or helping locate a treasure?. . . Red, blue, and green are the additive primary colors and if you make three circles combining with each other Mary colours are at the middle which is a light blue and white. Many statues of the world that use the Mary use the colors blue and white there is a scientific basis for this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Christian "Smoking Gun": UFOs and Religion

Synchronicity abounds in esoterica; the column I submitted last night for UFO Magazine is about this topic. I was unaware of Joe Jordan's articles until I was proofing the article.

Joe Jordon is a newly converted Christian who's rejected his new age ways and uses prayer within a Christian context to keep aliens at bay. He also seems to be about testifying at UFO conventions, as Greg Bishop reported awhile back on UFO Mystic.

Here's part 1 and a part II of his articles on this topic.

For the non-religious, UFO researcher Ann Druffel wrote How to Protect Yourself Against Alien Abductions.

I don't know when my article will be out; it depends on what issue editor Nancy Birnes thinks it will fit the best.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Visions Of The Virgin Mary
by Courtney Roberts,takes an astrological journey into BVM apparitions.


My Llewellyn catalog arrived yesterday, and in it is a full page ad for the book ChristoPaganism, by Joyce and River Higginbotham. I've never heard of ChristoPaganism before. From the little bit of reading I've done it seems to share basic ideas with Gnosticism. I think. But, if you're interested, the book is available on the usual site; etc. and a Google search turns up a lot of interesting places.

The Growing Latina Population; What Does This Mean For Non-Latino Women In the Womens Spirituality Movement?

The Growing Latina Population; What Does This Mean For Non-Latino Women In the Womens Spirituality Movement. from the Mother Lover Goddess blog.

Christian UFO Event; Pag

A first in UFOlogy:First Christian-UFO-alien symposium.