Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Richelle Hawks' Medusa's Ladder: Patron Saint of UFOs

Richelle Hawks has a wonderful new colum (Medusa's Ladder) at BoA entitled Patron Saint of Flying Saucers. As usual, Richelle writes beautifully. In this article, Hawks writes about a lovely book find from 1925 that evokes flying saucers:

Considering it more closely, I was getting a strange, provocative, sci-fi, atomic age kind of vibe from it and it was a very peculiar feeling, quite anachronous. I knew from the book's feel, particular materials, fonts, and agewear that it was older, an interbellum relic. Inspecting the title pages, I was correct—1925. What could this more mod feeling be, then?
I sat down with the book and considered the feeling and the answer hit me suddenly in a flash of recognition—the bottom Saint-scene transformed before my eyes: it's a classic UFO form.
Inspecting it further, I found there were even corresponding details. The window/doors of the coliseum, are fairly close to the place where portholes are described, and there are even spectators in the places where UFO occupants have been described.

Richelle Hawks : Medusa's Ladder

Speaking of Richelle Hawks, saints, and UFOs, a reminder to readers that you can download a free collection of articles by yours truly on Mary and UFOs, including Richelle's article A New Vision:The Virgin Mary Tree of Salt Lake City

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Y.UFOLOGY: The Third Secret of Fatima

Tina Sena at YUFOLOGY has a post about the Vatican's treatment of the "3rd secret" of Fatima. Makes sense to me!

Y.UFOLOGY: The Third Secret of Fatima

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Philip Coppens: An icon for Mother Russia

Philip Coppens' An icon for Mother Russia:

The Virgin of Kazan is one of the most revered icons Russia ever knew. Its disappearance at the time of the Russian Revolution was a catastrophe, but its resurgence and its link with Pope John Paul II and Fatima has added a most recent chapter to one of the world’s greatest icons.

Fascinating history of the icon, politics, the Vatican's role, relationship to Fatima, maverick or hidden archeology, and BVM apparitions.

An icon for Mother Russia

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vatican Bank mired in laundering scandal - Yahoo! News

The Vatican says it's all a "misunderstanding"

VATICAN CITY – This is no ordinary bank: The ATMs are in Latin. Priests use a private entrance. A life-size portrait of Pope Benedict XVI hangs on the wall.

Nevertheless, the Institute for Religious Works is a bank, and it's under harsh new scrutiny in a case involving money-laundering allegations that led police to seize euro23 million ($30 million) in Vatican assets in September. Critics say the case shows that the "Vatican Bank" has never shed its penchant for secrecy and scandal.

Vatican Bank mired in laundering scandal

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Homosexuality and Demonic Possesion"

On the Henry Makow site; this article by a guest contributor who relates a tale of being intentionally possessed by a French Jewish gay man:
The first gay men I met in Paris were show-business Jews. In my twenties, 25 years ago, I gravitated to the artistic world, completely dominated by Jews.
So I made the acquaintance of one of those Jews with whom I had sex (but no penetration I might add.) The next morning, I began to feel unwell with a pain down the spine, at the perineum exactly. This point, I learned much later corresponded to the first Shakra. My negative Kundalini was just starting, a phenomena I had never heard about.

Things just got worse and to this day, "Le Gall" continues to battle this possession, as well as experiencing paranormal activity. Lab tests came back negative for any type of disease or something that would explain his pains, etc. Doctors were little help; particularly Jewish doctors, who, Le Gal implies, were in on this vast conspiracy:
A year later, returning to Paris, I met a doctor, also Jewish, who abruptly told me that I was certainly suffering from an occult problem. Through the doctor, I met an old clairvoyant, who delivered the terrifying following diagnosis: the homosexual relationship had put me in contact with a demonic entity. . . I kept on seeing the same doctor, who insisted I was cursed and that it was my responsibility and no one else's. When I do think now that the other guy was not innocent at all...but, you know, remember that I only was a poor christian or goy.

Interesting account for the esoteric connections between sex, occult systems and religions. Those connections are a standard part of magical rites. But its disturbing for its clear anti-Semitism and religious fundamentalism. And it should be noted here that Henry Makow (who Jeff Rense regularly promotes on his site) is an over the top misogynist, bigot, flag waving, homophobic anti-Semite. In many ways he is funny, except he takes it all very seriously, as do many others, as reading the comments will tell you, and that's scary.

savethemales.ca - Homosexuality and Demonic Possession

Friday, December 3, 2010

Marian Apparition/Moon Goddess Thread on the JREF

I abhor skeptibunkies, but I do acknowledge my twisted fascination with their convoluted, surreal mind-sets on things, particularly paranormal and esoteric subjects. On the JREF (James Randi Educational Forum) message board, is a thread in the "paranormal/general skepticism" category: "Endorsing Our Lady of Fatima is endorsing the Moon Goddess." 

I haven't been following the thread closely, but did find the above message interesting for its mention of a "grey alien" and UFOs in connection with Marian apparitions; Medjugorje. Whether or not the person is a troll  or for real, who can say, but it's an interesting thread for its inclusion of aliens, greys, Mary as UFO/alien, and seemingly "rogue" messages and manifestations at Medjugorje.

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