Sunday, September 30, 2012

Muslims in Bangladesh torch Buddhist temples over Facebook image -

Overwhelming in its pointlessness:Muslims in Bangladesh torch Buddhist temples over Facebook image -

Roswell researcher Kevin Randle: The nun's story

Among the rich data bank of witnesses to Roswell: nuns. Kevin Randle reports: A Different Perspective: The Nuns Story - Roswell Edition

The obvious subtext to this report is the layer of deceit accompanying this story. As with the entire Roswell story, from beginning to the present, the mess of lies, cover-ups and disinfo is a huge one. Wading through it has caused many a UFO explorer to give up, or worse, dismiss Roswell as a dead topic. Randle continues however and is only after one thing: the answer.

Very interesting account.

By the way, the comments are almost as interesting as the post. The usual skeptoids make their appearance of course :(.

The only thing Randle does "wrong" is waste time answering such trolls, but I really shouldn't say that, since I enjoy doing the same at times myself when the mood strikes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

'Nazi-Acquired Buddha Statue Came From Space'

The title and story is rich with imagery: Nazis, ancient astronauts, religions, comic books, superheroes,war, political and religious symbols:Nazi-Acquired Buddha Statue Came From Space.
It sounds like a mash-up of Indiana Jones' plots, but German researchers say a heavy Buddha statue brought to Europe by the Nazis was carved from a meteorite that likely fell 10,000 years ago along the Siberia-Mongolia border.

This space Buddha, also known as "iron man" to the researchers, is of unknown age, though the best estimates date the statue to sometime between the eighth and 10th centuries. The carving depicts a man, probably a Buddhist god, perched with his legs tucked in, holding something in his left hand. On his chest is a Buddhist swastika, a symbol of luck that was later co-opted by the Nazi party of Germany.

Of course, as is pointed out in the above paragraph, the Buddha statue (if it was meant to be a Buddha) didn't really "come from outer space" but was made from material that came from space: the meteorite.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Exorcism boom in Poland sees magazine launch - Story | The Star Online

Exorcism boom in Poland sees magazine launch - Story | The Star Online
WARSAW: With exorcism booming in Poland, Roman Catholic priests here have joined forces with a publisher to launch what they claim is the world's first monthly magazine focused exclusively on chasing out the devil.

"The rise in the number or exorcists from four to more than 120 over the course of 15 years in Poland is telling," Father Aleksander Posacki, a professor of philosophy, theology and leading demonologist and exorcist told reporters in Warsaw at the Monday launch of the Egzorcysta monthly.

"Our hands are full," admitted fellow exorcist and Polish Roman Catholic priest Father Andrzej Grefkowicz, revealing exorcists have a three month waiting list in the capital Warsaw.
The debut issue of Egzorcysta includes an article titled New Age-- the spiritual vacuum cleaner.

On Demons and the Subjectivity of Evil | Who Forted? Magazine

On Demons and the Subjectivity of Evil | Who Forted? Magazine
As has been alluded to in other articles, demons are the cause celebre. They are better than ghosts. They are more dangerous than ghosts. They are more exciting and fascinating than ghosts. Most importantly, they are better for ratings than ghosts. However, much like ghosts, there is a fundamental problem. There is no proof that they exist. If you would like to read further, there may even be proof that the demon as you know cannot possibly exist.

The concept of the demon is as old as time. Demons, unlike ghosts, by definition are evil. It is their core, it is their entire being. This seems to be a universally accepted notion among so-called ghosts hunters (i.e. paranormal hobbyists) and self-proclaimed demonologists. Herein lies the problem.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Debris Field: Retablo Gift

Lesley received a wonderful piece of art from Greg and Sigrid Bishop. Why is that posted here? Read it and find out!The Debris Field: Stuff

Monday, September 3, 2012

Russian murderer (allegedly) says 'Free Pussy Riot'

Russia claims killer demands Pussy Riot freed – MOSCOW (AP) – The bodies of an elderly woman and her daughter were found in Russia beneath a scrawled message demanding freedom for the jailed members of the Pussy Riot band, officials said Thursday.

Pussy Riot members, from left, Maria Alekhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were sentenced to two years in prison on Aug. 17.

Pussy Riot members, from left, Maria Alekhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were sentenced to two years in prison on Aug. 17.

While a Russian investigator cautioned that the killer was possibly trying to mislead police by drawing attention to the punk provocateurs, the alleged link between a killer and anti-Putin protesters was immediately seized upon by Russian media and pro-Kremlin publicists.

Mormons: Okay to drink soda

Religion News Service | Faith | Doctrine & Practice | It’s Official: Coke and Pepsi are OK for Mormons

BBC News - 'Moonie' Church mourns founder Sun Myung Moon

92 yrs old when he died. The Rev. Moon, leader of the "moonies" and mass wedding overseer: BBC News - 'Moonie' Church mourns founder Sun Myung Moon

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Comments Removed: Prominent Priest Defended Child Sex Abusers, Later Apologizes - Yahoo! News

No one sane supports the following comments by Rev. Benedict Groeschel, who said the following regarding sexual abusers and victims:

"People have this picture in their minds of a person planning to -- a psychopath. But that's not the case. Suppose you have a man having a nervous breakdown, and a youngster comes after him. A lot of the cases, the youngster -- 14, 16, 18 -- is the seducer,"

And, Broeschel said, Jerry Sandusky is a "poor guy," and first time sexual offenders should not go to jail.

Those comments appeared in the National Catholic Register in an interview in that paper. Broeschel's comments have been removed from the site and Broeschel's apology put up in its stead: Comments Removed: Prominent Priest Defended Child Sex Abusers, Later Apologizes - Yahoo! News

Not only did Broeschel apologize, but the editor in chief Jeanette R. De Melo -- she apologized for posting the interview in the first place. I find this very odd. Shouldn't the pathetic comments of a sexual abuser be posted for all to see? It's news. It's fact. But this is what De Melo had to say:
"The editors of the National Catholic Register apologize for publishing without clarification or challenge Father Benedict Groeschel's comments that seem to suggest that the child is somehow responsible for abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth."

In rereading the comments, I don't see how Broeschel was misunderstood. Here's more from Broeschel, according to the article:
"Well, it's not so hard to see. A kid looking for a father and didn't have his own -- and they won't be planning to get into heavy-duty sex, but almost romantic, embracing, kissing, perhaps sleeping, but not having intercourse or anything like that. I's an understandable thing, and you know where you find it, among other clergy or important people; you look at teachers, attorneys, judges, social workers,"

He doesn't see sexual abuse as a crime, but a "moral failure" and "scandalous."

And that is where the sexual abuser lives; in that state where sexually abusing others is not a crime. They are so messed up they don't get it. They can't get it. No matter, sexual abuse  is a crime, and they need to know it's a crime, and that they will not get away with sexually abusing others.

"Don't Mock the Box" The Dybbuk Box on Set of The Possession

More from Meredith Woerner (see post below), this time on the Dybbuk Box itself on the set.Why The Possession cast was terrified of the real "dybbuk box" behind the film

Dybukk Film: 'The Possession is the Jewish pop reggae version of The Exorcist'

Haven't seen the movie yet and don't know if I will, at least not in the theater. I'll probably watch it on cable -- so can't comment on the reviews. Overall it's not my favorite film genre (although, oddly, I love reading horror, authors like Koontz and Herbert, even King, Barker, etc.) But this falls into the category of religious mystical supernaturalism, with the addition of Jewish reggae rapper Matisyahu, so here's one review from Meredith Woerner: The Possession is the Jewish pop reggae version of The Exorcist
The Possession (originally titled Dybbuk Box but called "The Jewish Exorcist movie" by most of America) first intrigued the masses by casting reggae rapper Matisyahu as the religious ghost wrangler, upped the ante with this aggressive poster, and kept us interested with the promise of Jewish mysticism (an unfamiliar take on a tired movie genre) topped by Sam Raimi gore (Raimi is a producer). Alas — we've seen girls vomit bugs before, and better. The Possession crumbles under its own inability to make an original decision. Instead it retreads the steps of past exorcist movies (Jeffrey Dean Morgan actually screams "Take me" to the demon). What could have been an interesting journey into a new culture was sadly just Jewish Exorcist lite.