Sunday, September 30, 2012

Roswell researcher Kevin Randle: The nun's story

Among the rich data bank of witnesses to Roswell: nuns. Kevin Randle reports: A Different Perspective: The Nuns Story - Roswell Edition

The obvious subtext to this report is the layer of deceit accompanying this story. As with the entire Roswell story, from beginning to the present, the mess of lies, cover-ups and disinfo is a huge one. Wading through it has caused many a UFO explorer to give up, or worse, dismiss Roswell as a dead topic. Randle continues however and is only after one thing: the answer.

Very interesting account.

By the way, the comments are almost as interesting as the post. The usual skeptoids make their appearance of course :(.

The only thing Randle does "wrong" is waste time answering such trolls, but I really shouldn't say that, since I enjoy doing the same at times myself when the mood strikes.

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