Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dybukk Film: 'The Possession is the Jewish pop reggae version of The Exorcist'

Haven't seen the movie yet and don't know if I will, at least not in the theater. I'll probably watch it on cable -- so can't comment on the reviews. Overall it's not my favorite film genre (although, oddly, I love reading horror, authors like Koontz and Herbert, even King, Barker, etc.) But this falls into the category of religious mystical supernaturalism, with the addition of Jewish reggae rapper Matisyahu, so here's one review from Meredith Woerner: The Possession is the Jewish pop reggae version of The Exorcist
The Possession (originally titled Dybbuk Box but called "The Jewish Exorcist movie" by most of America) first intrigued the masses by casting reggae rapper Matisyahu as the religious ghost wrangler, upped the ante with this aggressive poster, and kept us interested with the promise of Jewish mysticism (an unfamiliar take on a tired movie genre) topped by Sam Raimi gore (Raimi is a producer). Alas — we've seen girls vomit bugs before, and better. The Possession crumbles under its own inability to make an original decision. Instead it retreads the steps of past exorcist movies (Jeffrey Dean Morgan actually screams "Take me" to the demon). What could have been an interesting journey into a new culture was sadly just Jewish Exorcist lite.

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