Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yahoo! Shine: 'Does Halloween Belong in School? One District Says No'

We here go. Halloween season, and with it, things like this:Does Halloween Belong in School? One District Says No. At least one school district in my city doesn't allow Halloween; instead, we have "Harvest festivals." Feh!

And yet, at Christmas time, you have the same individuals who take offense at Halloween taking offense that references to Christmas are disallowed.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Demonic Beings - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Tonight on Coast to Coast: Demonic Beings with guest David Ruben, host John B. Wells.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Navratri, Durga Puja: Worshipping The Divine Mother

From Huffington Post: Navratri, Durga Puja: Worshipping The Divine Mother

Navratri is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin. In 2012, Navratri is observed from Oct. 16 until Oct. 24. Durga Puja celebrations began on Oct. 20, 2012.

Navratri is the Hindu festival of nine nights dedicated to the glorification of Shakti, the feminine form of the Divine. During these nine nights, the mother goddess is worshipped in nine different forms. Navratri culminates on the 10th day with the festivities of Vijayadashami. A common greeting during this festival is Shubh Navratri (Happy Navratri).

Navratri is celebrated all over India and among the Hindu diaspora with great fanfare. Prior to the festival, skilled artisans prepare clay models of the goddess in her various manifestations. Many Hindus take part in special ceremonies, rituals, fasts and festivities. People buy new clothes, prepare delicious sweets and buy gifts for family and friends. During Navratri, many Hindus in Gujarat and elsewhere wear colorful costumes and perform a special type of vigorous dance known as garba. Traditionally, garbas are performed around an earthen lamp or images / statues of the mother goddess.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pope names 7 new saints, seeks to revive faith - Yahoo! News

Pope names 7 new saints, seeks to revive faith - Yahoo! News: VATICAN CITY (AP) — Some 80,000 pilgrims in flowered lei, feathered headdresses and other traditional garb flooded St. Peter's Square on Sunday as Pope Benedict XVI added seven more saints onto the roster of Catholic role models in a bid to reinvigorate the faith in parts of the world where it's lagging.

Two of the new saints were Americans: Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint from the U.S., and Mother Marianne Cope, a 19th century Franciscan nun who cared for leprosy patients in Hawaii.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Oracle Deck: Doreen Virtue, Mary Queen of Angels

As readers know, I'm not a Christian, but I do find these cards beautiful. I've always had an affinity and appreciation for Catholic imagery; the saints, Mary. I've also had my own profound spiritual or mystical experiences on an esoteric level with some of these, including Angels. I've been working with angels, and following Doreen Virtue's "school" for awhile with amazing results. I think I'll end up getting this deck to add to my growing collection of angel oracles.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

“Defeat jihad” ad appears on TriMet vehicles

Pro-Palestinian group puts up ads on buses and trains concerning "the plight of Palestinians", pro-Israel groups put up their own ads: "Defeat Jihad" in Portland, Oregon.“Defeat jihad” ad appears on TriMet vehicles

Taliban says its attack on Pakistani schoolgirl justified - Yahoo! News

Of course there is no justification, but the Taliban wants to clear things up anyway:Taliban says its attack on Pakistani schoolgirl justified - Yahoo! News

Monday, October 15, 2012

George Carlin Compares Religious Believers vs. UFO Belivers

 Oh you know I love this!

14 yr. old Taliban Victim Malala Yousufzai Expected to recover

The Taliban, in its religious and political insanity, shot 14 yr. old Malala Yousufzai in the head for promoting education for girls. She is now in the UK, and is expected to recover. Shot Pakistani schoolgirl can make 'good recovery' - One News | TVNZ

Sunday, October 14, 2012

18 yrs. for killing child (the Bible said so), 99 in prison for abuse

Benjamin Edetanlen, clearly deranged and unhinged, uses the Bible as justification for murdering his son. He got 18 years.Benjamin Edetanlen Sentenced To 18 Years, Defends Killing Son With Bible Passage, while Elizabeth Escalona was sentenced to 99 years for putting her daughter in a coma.

Apparitions of Mary Queen of Peace -

Last Pilgrimage of the Seasons: Oct 29 th Nov. 7Medjugorje - Apparitions of Mary Queen of Peace -

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catholic church to lose historic property tax exemption in Italy — RT

This is very big news. Signs of shifts in the paradigm? The butler spoke, now this:

Catholic church to lose historic property tax exemption in Italy — RT: Italy’s Catholic Church will be forced to pay taxes starting in 2013 after the EU pressured the country’s government to pass a controversial law stripping the Church of its historic property tax exemption.

The Catholic Church in Italy is excluded from paying taxes on its land if at least a part of a Church property is used non-commercially – for instance, a chapel in a bed-and-breakfast.

"The regulatory framework will be definite by January 1, 2013 – the start of the fiscal year – and will fully respect the [European] Community law," Italian premier Mario Monti's government said in a statement on Tuesday.

Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Recognize a Satanist (Part One) -

Ol' Henry's been banned from the Jeff Rense site. Not sure, and don't want to know. Some huge tiff happened between the two. So now I have to remember to go directly to Makow's site for the latest. This is what I found: How to Recognize a Satanist (Part One)

Apparently Satanists are into underground tunnels and armed compounds.
Satanic cults are everywhere if you know what to look for. There is one in Roy [42 mi s. of Seattle] that is a known compound guarded by men armed with AR-15 Rifles. They use Federal Laws on religion and the 2nd amendment on guns to guard their compounds. I know of three just like this in Florida and if you even touch their fence, they will shoot. No games with these people. These places always have lodging in bunkers underground.

All Satanic cults build large underground bunkers and tunnels. The topside is kept clean, underground is where they keep people and do deeds. No one, even Police dare to raid these compounds.
But not all Satanists can afford these elaborate underground dens of evil, or maybe they just prefer other methods. For example, beware the Christian bookstore and shops:
Many Satanic cults support themselves by making things to sell to the public. Things like jewelry, especially crosses that you find in Christian stores. With a nice Christian sounding name, they have front companies.

The main reason they do this is deception, as they attach demonic spirits on each piece of jewelry they make during ceremonies. That's why they sell crosses to Christians. I think all of us have seen those fantasy Dungeons and Dragons castles with orbs, druids and dragons often made of pewter right? Now you know who makes most of them. Many are sold in places like Disney World, also in stores in the malls that sell weird things and such. So we see they have lot's of money.

Really though, you can't trust anyone. Anyone could be a Satanist:
Now the real threat is from clean cut looking Satanist. They have good jobs, careers like lawyers, policemen, clergy, pilots, teachers, day care, neighbors, etc..Those are the ones that you watch out for. These people most often find positions and careers working with children so they can find potentials for ceremonies.

There's more of course but you get the idea. And remember, this is only Part 1.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Michele Witchipoo, Artist: The Three of Swords

Michele Witchipoo is an artist; comic books, creator of Psycho Bunny,
and more. She recently shared her version of The Three of Swords, minor arcana Tarot. I like it; if there's a deck coming from Witchipoo, I'm going to order it!

Visit her site; she has lots of artwork and you can order Psycho Bunny, among others, as well as commission art work.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taliban attack wounds teen activist blogger -

Taliban attack wounds teen activist blogger -

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Malala Yousufzai's courageous blogging against the Taliban set her apart from other 14-year-old Pakistani girls.
Growing up in a region once dominated by the Islamic extremists, she knew the fear associated with the word Taliban.
One of her fears came to pass Tuesday, when gunmen sought her out and opened fire on her school van, leaving her seriously wounded along with two other classmates.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pope's Butler Told Court He Leaked Private Documents for the Good of the Church - Yahoo! News

Pope's Butler Told Court He Leaked Private Documents for the Good of the Church - Yahoo! News:

The scandal, known as "Vatileaks," built this spring as more and more confidential papal documents began appearing in Italian newspapers. They exposed widespread corruption, cronyism and backdoor payments in return for favors.
It reached a crescendo in May when an Italian journalist published "His Holiness: Pope Benedict XVI's Private Papers," a book that became an overnight bestseller here. It chronicled intrigue and scandal and included copies of private documents to prove it. Documents show that wealthy Catholics could gain an audience with the pope simply by donating 10,000 euros ($13,000). Many of the documents point to Bertone.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Religious Insults, Humanity's Inhumanity

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the following letter to the editor, sent to our local paper (Register Guard) in response to a previous letter:

Killers are responsible for killing
Maggie Pugsley (letters, Sept. 16) believes those behind the anti-Muslim film are responsible for the fanatical and psychotic response to that film the world is now witnessing. The naiveté, political correctness and apologist bias within that opinion is truly scary. The only ones responsible for killings are the ones doing the killing.
Whatever strange mechanism that lives in much of humanity that causes such tragic responses when offended by religious insults is equally scary, as well as responsible.
Sure, the filmmakers should have known better, and probably did. And we can’t dismiss the likely possibility that intelligence operatives were behind the film in the first place. That aside, the guilty ones are those choosing rioting and killing in the name of a god.
A willingness to kill each other to protect an unseen entity is a frightening reality that humanity has indulged in for thousands of years.
Fear of those who would kill in the name of their god is understandable, but pretending to a philosophical understanding of religious thugs allows them to continue without consequence.
Regan Lee