Monday, October 1, 2012

Religious Insults, Humanity's Inhumanity

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the following letter to the editor, sent to our local paper (Register Guard) in response to a previous letter:

Killers are responsible for killing
Maggie Pugsley (letters, Sept. 16) believes those behind the anti-Muslim film are responsible for the fanatical and psychotic response to that film the world is now witnessing. The naiveté, political correctness and apologist bias within that opinion is truly scary. The only ones responsible for killings are the ones doing the killing.
Whatever strange mechanism that lives in much of humanity that causes such tragic responses when offended by religious insults is equally scary, as well as responsible.
Sure, the filmmakers should have known better, and probably did. And we can’t dismiss the likely possibility that intelligence operatives were behind the film in the first place. That aside, the guilty ones are those choosing rioting and killing in the name of a god.
A willingness to kill each other to protect an unseen entity is a frightening reality that humanity has indulged in for thousands of years.
Fear of those who would kill in the name of their god is understandable, but pretending to a philosophical understanding of religious thugs allows them to continue without consequence.
Regan Lee

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