Sunday, November 15, 2009

From Damn Data!: The Fatima-BVM-UFO Connection

The excellent blog Cabinet of Wonders has an item by contributor "Emperor" concerning Fatima, UFOs and the BVM. He quotes Fatima-UFO-BVM writer Professor Joaquim Fernandes; pay Cabinet of Wonders a visit to find out more.

Monday, November 2, 2009

BVM Returns to Knock, Ireland?

Another BVM appearance, this time in Knock, Ireland, which is the site of a BVM visitation in 1879. Now, many have come from all over to see if she'll reappear in the same place. As seems to be the common response from the Vatican, no Church sanctioned words or representatives have lent support:
Coleman complained that the Catholic church had not made a priest available to recite the Rosary with him and the thousands gathered in waiting. Describing himself as "a visionary of our Blessed Mother", he said the visitation would only be visible "to people who come with an open heart".

Paralleling other BVM visitations, like Fatima, it's expected Mary will arrive in a "dancing sun."

Story here: Thousands await Knock's new Virgin Mary vision:Pilgrims have travelled to a rain-soaked corner of western Ireland hoping to witness a miracle