Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Homosexuality and Demonic Possesion"

On the Henry Makow site; this article by a guest contributor who relates a tale of being intentionally possessed by a French Jewish gay man:
The first gay men I met in Paris were show-business Jews. In my twenties, 25 years ago, I gravitated to the artistic world, completely dominated by Jews.
So I made the acquaintance of one of those Jews with whom I had sex (but no penetration I might add.) The next morning, I began to feel unwell with a pain down the spine, at the perineum exactly. This point, I learned much later corresponded to the first Shakra. My negative Kundalini was just starting, a phenomena I had never heard about.

Things just got worse and to this day, "Le Gall" continues to battle this possession, as well as experiencing paranormal activity. Lab tests came back negative for any type of disease or something that would explain his pains, etc. Doctors were little help; particularly Jewish doctors, who, Le Gal implies, were in on this vast conspiracy:
A year later, returning to Paris, I met a doctor, also Jewish, who abruptly told me that I was certainly suffering from an occult problem. Through the doctor, I met an old clairvoyant, who delivered the terrifying following diagnosis: the homosexual relationship had put me in contact with a demonic entity. . . I kept on seeing the same doctor, who insisted I was cursed and that it was my responsibility and no one else's. When I do think now that the other guy was not innocent at all...but, you know, remember that I only was a poor christian or goy.

Interesting account for the esoteric connections between sex, occult systems and religions. Those connections are a standard part of magical rites. But its disturbing for its clear anti-Semitism and religious fundamentalism. And it should be noted here that Henry Makow (who Jeff Rense regularly promotes on his site) is an over the top misogynist, bigot, flag waving, homophobic anti-Semite. In many ways he is funny, except he takes it all very seriously, as do many others, as reading the comments will tell you, and that's scary. - Homosexuality and Demonic Possession


Deirdre said...


I'm a little surprised that the contributor didn't suggest that being gay was strictly the reason for the 'possession'. However, the editor's note that appears before the article did elude to that:

"This article offers more evidence that the Illuminati promotion of sexual promiscuity & homosexuality has occult implications."

It's 2010, right?

Regan Lee said...

Deirdre, it's an amazing and scary article all right and not surprising it appeared on Makow's site, since he's anti-gay, anti-feminist and a basic bigot. Very sad, and sick. Everything "wrong" with the world according to him, and his followers, is due to gay pinko feminist commies. Oy.

Regan Lee said...

"It's 2010, right?"

I don't think Makow got that memo.


I am Le Gall ! So you cannot meet a better person to talk about this very subject.
Sexual promiscuity can be very dangerous gay or not gay ! You are right to underline the fact that ther is a connection between the occult problem I had and judaism, and I would say the talmud also, as they really are cursed books and evil spirituality . You can believe my terrible experience !
Then, I would add that aborption is also very bad spiritually for women.
It is not a question of being a bigot, an antifeminist or so on, it is a question of breaking some cosmic rules and playing with negativity !
As long as people only read about the occult and do not experience it they just do not know anything about it, NOTHING ! Am I clear ?
It has been very, very hard for me to have to loose my health and to struggle againt such evil entities but I had to, and suicide was just forbidden for me.
Those who judge me so easily just judge themselves.


I read your article again, I NEVER said that this jewish doctor (ONE) were bad, as they did help me to understand the problem BUT, I only mentioned that many jews were implied, that's all. I also noticed that those jews dispised me as a christian, that's all.
Have you ever heard about antigoyism ? I know what it is now.