Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Christian "Smoking Gun": UFOs and Religion

Synchronicity abounds in esoterica; the column I submitted last night for UFO Magazine is about this topic. I was unaware of Joe Jordan's articles until I was proofing the article.

Joe Jordon is a newly converted Christian who's rejected his new age ways and uses prayer within a Christian context to keep aliens at bay. He also seems to be about testifying at UFO conventions, as Greg Bishop reported awhile back on UFO Mystic.

Here's part 1 and a part II of his articles on this topic.

For the non-religious, UFO researcher Ann Druffel wrote How to Protect Yourself Against Alien Abductions.

I don't know when my article will be out; it depends on what issue editor Nancy Birnes thinks it will fit the best.

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Stacy said...

I do not understand .. Are you compare religion with science?? is like compare generic viagra with another product... So if dare, Religion denies the existence of otherworldly beings