Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary's Colors Clues?

On UFO Digest, Carolyn S. writes about the colors used in religious stain glass art, and asks if the colors used, particularly the colors used in images of Mary, are clues leading to information as well as location: Connection at New Orleans Cathedral to Rennes Mystery the Box and Mary's Colours

An excerpt from her article:

I have found another coincidence in the colours of Mary and something Ben Hammott has found using the clues he gathered from Rennes Chateau. Its concerning the wood box with the cup ,annointing jar, and other treasures that were found in a cave by Ben Hammott. It has to do with Mary's colours. . . Are these colours marking something or helping locate a treasure?. . . Red, blue, and green are the additive primary colors and if you make three circles combining with each other Mary colours are at the middle which is a light blue and white. Many statues of the world that use the Mary use the colors blue and white there is a scientific basis for this.