Monday, December 22, 2008

Blue Mary

Quan Lin, Chinese deity/goddess.

I've had many interesting things happen during meditations, as well as during my dream/astral state. And now and then, even when I'm awake (missing time, for example. . . and I've had visitations from the aliens/grays during mediation.)

The color was close to the blue on this vase.

One experience brought me what I call Blue Mary. I wasn't focusing on Mary, or, anything at all really. Just meditating. Suddenly the room was filled with a beautiful blue glow, not a light blue like a sky blue, darker. Lit from within. An arched bridge appeared, some mist and mountains in the background. There was a vague Chinese feel to how everything looked. And then Mary appeared; all blue. I heard her speak to me; she was very clear. She told me that she is appearing to me as Mary, but there really is no Mary. That I, and others, aren't ready to see what's behind her; what she really represents. She's appearing as Mary to me, she told me, so as not to startle me, but to be aware that there is much more than we think.

Here is something on the Chinese deity Quan Lin, also Kuan Yin:
Kuan Yin, revered throughout Asia for thousands of years, is the Chinese goddess of infinite mercy and compassion. Her name means "she who listens to the sounds (suffering) of the world." She is a symbol of the unlimited compassion each of us can have for ourselves. No matter what the situation, it is possible to treat ourselves with mercy and love. She is said to hear every call, and to answer every prayer. She is a sea goddess.

Names: Hearer of Cries, Most Holy Goddess, Holy Mother, Merciful Mother, and Lady of Compassion. Variations of her name include Kwan-Yin, Kuan-Yin, Quan Yin, Kwannon, Guan Yin, Guanyin, and Miao Shan. Avalokitesvara was her name when she was human. ~

From: Kuan Yin

The similarities between the Christian Mary and the Asian Kwan Yin are clear: both are women that are compassionate, merciful, "listen to the sounds of suffering of the world."

Image source:
Quan Lin

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