Saturday, December 13, 2008

The BVM Got Me Pregnant, And, A Bit of Synchronicity

Cabinet of Wonders has a story on a photo snapped by a cell phone camera that reveals the Virgin Mary. Shortly after, one of the woman photographed finds out she's pregnant.

Earlier today, for no reason other than that's how my mind works -- always wandering off into Fringe Land -- I started chatting away about how the story of the virgin impregnated by a visitor from space, the blinding lights, missing time and paralyzed states of all involved at various times throughout this event, was a classic abduction story.

As to the story of the cell phone photo and pregnancy, it's possible the family, being Catholic and religious, naturally frame their spiritual-paranormal experiences this way. The family may have known about a family member trying to get pregnant, or the mother to be suspected, or was hoping she was, and a telepathic, symbiotic message appeared as confirmation. Something akin to stories of Mormons who are visited by their not yet born children to be.

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