Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Update: Beebe, AR Pagans: "We have the right to exist"

The Seekers Temple and its founder need support -- lawyers, legal aid, support and voices heard from the pagan community, etc. Here is their webpage where you can find out more, including contact info for the city council who have refused -- illegally, unconstitutionally --- Bert and Felicia, High Priest and Priestess, the right to open city council meetings with their prayers. (Read more at their site; link below.) Now, unfortunately, this harassment has caused them further hassles, for example, they used to go to the prison as part of their religious outreach (I know pagans in my own community who do this) but, because of the illegal and immoral interference by the local Christian authorities, that has been revoked.

We have the right to exist: We have gotten lots of emails and we thank you for every single one.
Perhaps it is time Mayor Micheal G. Robertson heard the same? His office may be contacted at 501-882-6295, FAXED at 501-882-8140 and Emailed at No threats please, just tell him that we have the right to exist and are not going away.

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