Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anti-Semitic riots in Europe ‘took us back to 1938′ - The Washington Post

Tragic, and frightening. No mention of how these views are expressed in the States:

Anti-Semitic riots in Europe ‘took us back to 1938′ - The Washington Post: Across the European Union, there is “a worrying level of discrimination [against Jews], particularly in employment and education, a widespread fear of victimization and heightening concern about antisemitism online,” found a 2013 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights report. Such discrimination, it said, “all too often remains unreported and therefore invisible.”

A recent survey suggested France had the highest percentage of residents — 37 percent – who were openly anti-Semitic, reported The Washington Post’s Anthony Faiola. In Italy, one-fifth of the population felt that way; in Germany, more than one-fourth. Other studies also found rising levels of anti-Semitism in other parts of Europe.
One thing that is not gone into in this article is the issue of Arabs, Muslims and non-Jewish immigrants moving to Europe, who then turn around and protest the reality of finding themselves expected to co-exist with others, including Jews. It's a topsy turvy sick world when the onus, world wide, is put onto Jews and Israel.

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