Friday, July 4, 2014

Paganism & The Boy Scouts from Raise the Horns

I didn't know about the origins of Boy Scouts, very cool and too bad it's become the fascist-military-Christian-patriotic and homophobic institution it is today:

Paganism & The Boy Scouts: There’s a lot of what feels “military” in today’s Boy Scouts, but it wasn’t always like that. In the United States the Scouting movement began with Ernest Thompson Seton, and his Scouting was radically different from what would follow in its wake. Setton’s Scouts focused on woodcraft, outdoor skills, and a deep and abiding love of the natural world. Seton’s version of Scouting was what I liked most about the Boy Scouts. Setton’s Scouting was also infused with the (for lack of a better term) white man’s version of Native American Spirituality. Setton spoke of the “Great Spirit” in nature, all while trying to keep his creation compatible with and acceptable to Modern Christianity.

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