Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Our Lady of the Stereopticon"

From Haunted Ohio Books, very interesting piece on early 1900s visions of holy figures and other apparitions in the skies above war torn lands. Were these truly supernatural events, or projections created with military technology? From the article:

Our Lady of the Stereopticon - Haunted Ohio Books: In Przemysl and the surrounding country there are thousands of persons, many of them claiming to be eye-witnesses, who are positive that visions of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child repeatedly appeared in the sky above the beleaguered city, and who are convinced that these visions were of supernatural origin. It is believed, however, that the officers in charge of the defenses simply took advantage of the latest developments in flying craft and projection apparatus to spread the conviction through the ranks of both armies that the city was under divine protection. (Chris Woodyard)
While this is probable and in fact, no doubt true in some cases (it's my opinion that the military-industrial complex has long been aware of, not only the "superstitions" of the masses, but the presence of supernatural elements, including entities, and manipulates both for their own purposes) but sightings like these go back centuries. Well, the Trickster, Cosmic Joker, "super spectrum" as John Keel called it, knows how to mix things up and present us with muddled, multiple choices.

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