Sunday, November 15, 2015

Daily Beast: "Inside Virginia’s Creepy White-Power Wolf Cult"

Don't know anything about this group, other than what I've read in the article linked below. One thing is very clear, this is a group that gives neo-pagans a bad name. And wolves.

Inside Virginia’s Creepy White-Power Wolf Cult - The Daily Beast: Wolves of Vinland is a small but increasingly well-connected group based outside Lynchburg, Virginia. Members of the group—as well as their admirers in the white supremacist Internet-sphere—are surprisingly candid about their practices, beliefs, and goals. Some of the group’s activities are par for the course, at least as far as neo-pagans are concerned. But other elements of their community are deeply disturbing, especially in light of the recent arrests of two neo-pagan white supremacists who lived just two hours north of them and allegedly conspired to bomb black churches. (Betsy Woodruff,Daily Beast)

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