Thursday, June 19, 2014

Update on Beebe: “That man’s God is not my God.” | The Wild Hunt

From the excellent blog The Wild Hunt, this update on Bertram Dahl's situation in Beebe. Dahl is a high priest in his pagan church and applied for zoning permits to have a church and store on his property. As the article points out, surrounding properties have churches. Thing is, they're all Christian churches. Soon as the mayor and local bureaucrats realized Dahl is a pagan, they are willfully breaking laws in their attempts to stop Dahl from opening his church and his store. Furthermore, he is being harassed by one of the churches across the street from him. I'm surprised the ACLU hasn't supported Dahl on this yet.

Update on Beebe: “That man’s God is not my God.” | The Wild Hunt: More details emerge in the conflict between Mayor Mike Robertson of Beebe, Arkansas and a Pagan church. High Priest Bertram Dahl said the city of Beebe welcomed him, his church, and store to relocate to the town with open arms – until they found out the church wasn’t a Christian church. Now the mayor claims Dahl’s Seekers Temple and metaphysical store cannot open due to zoning issues. In our interview with the Dahls they say it has nothing to do with zoning and everything to do with religious discrimination.


bert72686 said...

Thank you for covering this story.
We are in need at the moment of a criminal lawyer and a civil one.
This town has no right to do what they are doing.
Blessed Be,
Bert of Seekers Temple

Regan Lee said...

You are very welcome and I hope that all will be well --