Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Henry "Mad" Makow: Aliens Have Abducted Our Women

Jeff Rense kicked Makow off awhile back. Not sure what it was all about but Rense's once darling of the homophobic-anti-Semitic rant pissed him off, and so, Makow is no longer linked to over at Rense. So, curious about what Mad Henry Makow is up to, I visit his blog, and find this headline in bold: Aliens Have Abducted Our Women.

Now, Makow is paranoid, and all about the Illuminati NWO, but he's never come right out and gone the alien UFO Fortean route. So I got excited for a moment, just a very brief moment, for Makow wastes no time at all in getting to the point. It's not aliens from outer space we need to fear, it's feminist Jew commies. Or some such. That's Makow's dependable hobby horse. So, while he disappoints in one sense -- no aliens, damn it -- he does deliver:
henrymakow.com - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order: Western men (and women) should be very angry at Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Masonic lackeys. Like alien invaders, they abducted our women, brainwashing them to become lesbian and frigid. This vicious satanic attack on society by our traitorous "leaders" has been marketed as "women's rights." Feminism is elite social engineering masquerading as grassroots social change.
So, like, oy.

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