Sunday, December 16, 2012

Haunted house of God? - Hannibal, MO

(via The Anomalist for link)
Haunted house of God? - Hannibal, MO - Hannibal Courier - Post - Hannibal, MO: "I went up three floors, sometimes in the dark, to get up to the loft. Once you got into the loft it was like you got transported to some other place," he said. "I literally had times during that three years I heard babies crying. Kind of weird. And the one most distinct kind of experience was literally someone giving a sermon. It was like you heard it coming from the sanctuary. It was just a raised voice.
"It didn't scare me necessarily, but it was kind of weird. I heard organ music twice. There was no organ left in that church. It was classically-based, pipe organ sound. As a musician, it sounded really good."
Downstairs though, there was more going on between the living and the suspected living impaired.
Hannibal Community Theatre, the current owners and operators of the building, had their productions in the church basement. A number of their members, past and present, experienced something more than once and they're convinced.
"People have heard and seen things, different voices," HCT Vice President Stephen Boltinghouse said. "I think we've got a number of people that would not come in here by themselves."

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