Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From piglipstick: Religionists Bless Road, Athiests Unbless It

Tell me again that militant cartoon atheism isn't a religion. (Link and excerpt on piglipstick): piglipstick: Religionists Bless Road, Atheists Unbless It

Offended that religious people -- who, I admit, all too often offend me as well -- blessed a section of highway. So the local atheists (of which I am not) washed all that mumbo-jumbo away, with their own version of same. I suppose they'll argue that the former is believed to hold spiritual power while the latter was a symbolic gesture, a sort of atheistic street (no pun intended) theater.

I sympathize the atheists, even though they annoy me just as much as anyone else. I am after all, hosting a malcontent within. As they said, of the religious members who blessed the highway to drive us all towards God or some such (of course, "god" being the right god, the true god, the... you know, their God):
"It sends a very bad signal to everyone in Polk County, and (anyone) who travels through Polk county who doesn't happen to be Christian,” Palmer said, “This event is not about atheist rights; this is about welcoming everybody into Polk county."
True enough. Only those who believe in Jesus are welcome. Clear enough message and one that does not welcome.

But after awhile, the lines blur and original intents become murkier, and it all ends up as being perceived as superstition. Just depends on who is doing the viewing of said system, as to the degree of perceived superstition.

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