Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Monsignors' mutiny" revealed by Vatican leaks - Yahoo! News

"Monsignors' mutiny" revealed by Vatican leaks - Yahoo! News

Colin Andrews announced at the McMinnville UFO Festival two years ago that soon we'll be seeing these whistle blower type events unfold...

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Call it Conspiracy City. Call it Scandal City. Call it Leak City. These days the holy city has been in the news for anything but holy reasons.

"It is a total mess," said one high-ranking Vatican official who spoke, like all others, on the condition of anonymity.

The Machiavellian maneuvering and machinations that have come to light in the Vatican recently are worthy of a novel about a sinister power struggle at a medieval court.

Senior church officials interviewed this month said almost daily embarrassments that have put the Vatican on the defensive could force Pope Benedict to act to clean up the image of its administration - at a time when the church faces a deeper crisis of authority and relevance in the wider world.

Among the heap of scandalous topics: Vatican and banks, over all corruption, "cronyism,"
the true "owners" of the Vatican, power plays. In other words, the usual.

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