Sunday, September 11, 2011

Randall Sullivan: The Miricle Detective

 "I don't think we're here to serve science, science is here to serve us." ~ Randall Sullivan
A couple of years ago, I read Randall Sullivan's The Miricle Detective. I wanted to read it because it concerned a BVM apparition in a small Oregon town. I liked the book; Randall's honesty in describing his journey from non-believer to believer was enjoyable to read.

I just discovered his television program: The Miricle Detective on the OWN network. Randall, described as "a believer" and Indre Viskontas described as "a scientist" (and not as a skeptic, which she is) in the show's opening, explore cases of a supernatural/religious nature.

Randall discussing his experiences at Medjurgorje on the Oprah show.

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