Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chris Cunnyngham: Rick Perry and the Satanic Statue of Liberty | Esoterica | Big Think

More chilling scary wtf news about Texas Governor Rick Perry and his fanatical ways: Rick Perry and the Satanic Statue of Liberty.
Cunnygham cites specifics in his article on the origins and meanings of the Stature of Liberty and John Benefiel's crazy theories.

Texas Governor Rick Perry's August 6th prayer rally, The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, has already garnered criticism for being a Christians-only affair that blurred the line between church and state and featured speakers with extreme beliefs far outside of the mainstream. One of these beliefs in particular caught my eye – the claim by John Benefiel, head of the Heartland Apostolic Reformation Network, that the Statue of Liberty is "a demonic idol, right there in New York harbor."

John Benefiel believes the Stature of Liberty is a satanic idol. While Rick Perry himself doesn't say this (publicly anyway, who knows what he actually believes) the fact Perry supports Benefiel speaks volumes. Not only does Benefiel believe the Stature of Liberty is satanic, but wants to rename the District of Columbia to "District of Christ." Oy.

Easy to dismiss this as silly religious nut cases running amok among us, but the fact is, there are silly religious nut cases running amok among us, and they're serious. Combined with endless energy, whipped up blood lust (the execution cheer) sensibliblies and self-satisfied arbitrators of imposed moral superiority (anyone who doesn't like what the other person likes to do, or isn't getting themselves) they're dangerous silly religious nut cases running amok among us. Don't under estimate these seeming fools. Fools they may be, but harmless they're not.

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