Monday, August 29, 2011

Mary and Buddha in Cellophane, and a New Tradition

The Virgin, Buddha, silver sequin, conquistador
I bought this a few years ago during Dia de los Muertos. It's very small, about 2 1/2 inches all around. Inside the little cellophane packet is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, what I think is a horse shoe, a Buddha, what looks to be a conquistador, sequins and glitter.

I found this tucked away in the room of doom that I'm cleaning out. Glad I found it; I started a new tradition for myself last year, and am already working on it for this year. It started out with an altar during Dia de los Muertos , but then I extended it and ended up keeping the altar -- which I turned the whole mantel piece into -- through to Hanukkah-Christmas. This year, I'll have my altar up Oct 1st, and take it down when Hanukkah starts.

Back: "Hecho en Mexico: made in Mexico"
The elements in my altar are from many traditions that I either grew up with: Roman Catholic, Latino, Jewish, Celtic, or later discovered as part of my heritage: Native, pagan-Wiccan... and a bit of Halloween motifs thrown in as well.

Last year, having the altar gave me a peaceful, connected feeling. I was surprised at that, I didn't expect to have the altar up for so long or to have it resonate so deeply with me.  I'm looking forward to assembling the altar again this year.

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