Thursday, December 18, 2014

School's Bible Giveaway Prompts Threat of Lawsuit

Atlanta, elementary school gives out Bibles:

School's Bible Giveaway Prompts Threat of Lawsuit: According to an 11 Alive Atlanta story, Jessica Greene was alarmed when her fifth-grade son Leo brought home a brand new Gideon Bible on Thursday. “I was just shocked that the school system would do that,” she told 11 Alive. “I tried to contact the superintendent. He has not returned my call.” According to Leo, “We were in class, our teacher said that these people had volunteered to hand out Bibles, and she said there’s going to be a line in the library.” Students were then given a choice to either take a bible or not, he said. Leo took one. But one child who chose not to, according to FFRF’s letter, “was teased and ostracized and forced to defend herself by saying that she ‘believed in God, but in a different way.’”

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