Saturday, October 12, 2013

Anne's Diary | Clothes Make the Man | unknowncountry

Anne Strieber, better half of Whitley of course, writes on her blog about Popes and clothing, and what that says about the messages such attire sends:
Anne's Diary | Clothes Make the Man | unknowncountry: Or that's how the old saying goes, anyway. Pope Benedict appreciated the idea of dressing to fulfill a role--in fact, Esquire magazine put him on its best dressed list, saying that he had a way with accessories and advising their male readers: "It could be a pocket square or a chunky watch or a tie clip, but make it your own." One way Benedict did this was by wearing handmade red leather loafers.

He also brought back the white and red ermine-trimmed capelets, and reintroduced the little red velvet cap trimmed in the same fur. His fondness for ermine angered some Italian animal rights groups. (Anne Strieber)

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