Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dark Side of UFOs, God and Turtles

Found this from 2007 from Ted Twietmeyer on the ever frantic Jeff Rense site:The Darker Side Of UFOs. No facts or proof and scant evidence, simply personal opinion and thin speculation on assumptions on what UFOs do, and why they're doing it.

So why waste time on this stuff? Because I've been thinking of the so-called "dark" side of UFOs lately, and those that refuse to consider that there is a dark side. Oh, so many times I've been told that nothing negative or dark shall be discussed -- and yet, of course, we are all interested in being authentic and finding the truth. 

Back to Twietmeyer's 2007 piece:
Storage tanks in a vehicle this size could easily hold thousands of gallons of water. And there may have been other uses the vehicle may have had, such as processing humans. I have been able to confirm that this took place.
UFOs are terrorizing us, and we're mere teeny baby turtles in the alien claws of the ET:
"We are as helpless to stop them as a small pet turtle is to a children's hand. The small pet turtle (not a snapping turtle) can do virtually nothing to escape the hand of a little child who wants to pick it up. Surely the turtle would like to think it will be returned to where it was found."

And so on. Until we get to the real issue, which is God, who remains detached and impassive, allowing abductions and mining to continue. There is hope, according to the author. The government can "ally itself with a friendly alien race, but only under certain conditions." Among those conditions: "One [alien race] which won't double-cross humanity..."

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