Monday, June 17, 2013

Pat Robertson: "Disobedient Wives Must Be Spanked"

Oh you know this is just too good!Pat Robertson: Disobedient Wives ‘Must Be Spanked’ - The Daily Currant Oy. 

The article linked to refers to a female caller who asked advice about her husband's infidelity. Getting to the bottom of the issue, (sorry) Robertson said the real problem was she wasn't getting spanked.  That, and this:
"I know you're confused with all the the feminism, lesbianism and vegetarianism in our culture."

We expect the ignorant references to feminism and lesbianism. But "vegetarianism?" Well, Robertson does say that, aside from getting regular spankings, women need to:
""... do three things: obey men, have babies and cook meat."


dcmcmurtry said...

satire website - not a real caller/response/source of information

dcmcmurtry said...

not a real caller/response/source of news information (hence the over-the-top comment about vegetarianism)

Regan Lee said...

I noted so in another post, thanks. As I commented in that post, this was believed by so many, including myself, because it isn't at all beyond reality to think Robertson would say such a thing.