Friday, January 18, 2013

Andrew Nicholson: "Miraculous Cures, Stigmata & Religious Visions in Ancient Tongues"

(thanks to Lesley at The Debris Field for link.)

At Mysterious Universe, Andrew Nicholson writes about Miraculous Cures, Stigmata Religious Visions in Ancient Tongues.
"In the Bavarian village of Konnersreuth in March of 1918, a 19-year-old peasant girl, Therese Neumann, fell from a stool while tending a fire in her uncle’s barn. Therese was left partially paralysed by the fall and over the coming months the poor, unfortunate Therese would suffer further falls. After one such fall in 1919, she was left completely blind. Now bedridden, Therese developed bed sores that so deeply ate into her flesh, at times, bone was exposed. Life was not looking good for the teenage girl who should have, at that age, been in her prime.

But on 29 April 1923, according to Therese herself, something miraculous happened to the devout Catholic peasant girl. After diligently praying for the impending beatification of Therese of Lisieux, Therese Neumann was cured of her blindness, on the very day her namesake was beatified in Rome."

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