Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Religious Folk Art: "Sacrifice Beads" (St. Theresa)

At the local St. Vincent de Paul's the other day I noticed something new: lots of religious folk art items on a small display rack. I was surprised and delighted at the cost: this one was $1.00. St. Theresa Sacrifice Beads, with instructions.

A small plastic baggie, with a yellow piece of paper with instructions and blurb about St. Theresa:

St. Theresa Sacrifice Beads
St. Theresa medal on beaded string
St. Theresa (The Little Flower) used beads like these to count her "presents" to God Every (sic) day. Pull one bead for every sacrifice, good deed, or anything you do for the love of God. children can also count sharing, obeying their parents, being helpful, etc. They are also especially good for training children. Offer each "present" to God for souls and ask St. Theresa and Our Lady to help you pull many beads each day!

 "...especially good for training children." Scary. Inside the bag, along with the yellow paper, is a string of plastic blue and clear pony beads, and a medal of St. Theresa.

St. Vinnie's had several of these, along with rosaries and other saints, ranging in price from $1.00 to around $10.00, I think. I am going back for more!
Reverse side of St. Theresa medal

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