Saturday, November 12, 2011

20 Most Evil People of the 13th Century CE | Francis of Assisi

Interesting, but both Jewish and Catholic bigotry. Who knew St. Francis of Assisi was Jewish, for example.20 Most Evil People of the 13th Century CE | Francis of Assisi
Giovanni Bernadone Morosini (Moriconi) (aka Francis of Assisi and aka Marino Morosini) was born in Paris as one of several children to powerful Jewish Sephardic Venetian trader/banker Pietro Bernadone Moriconi and Pica de Bourlemont from France.
The name "Francis" is a nickname and was never his proper name--simply meaning "Frenchman" -- on account of his birth in Paris. Similarly, "Assisi" is a deliberate corruption of the ancient word for the location Ascesi meaning "(he) has ascended". Therefore the fuller nickname "Francis of Assisi" properly translates to "the Ascended Frenchman".
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Contrary to revised history, the Venetians had not yet seen any compelling reason to convert to Christianity until this period, so Giovanni was almost certainly Jewish. By the end of the 12th century, the Morosini family banking and trading empire in wool, fine cloth, salt and grain stretched from England to Constantinople. However, events leading up to the Treaty of Venice and the expulsion of Venetians from France in 1182 and Byzantine in the same year which ruined the family fortunes.

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