Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alfred Lehmberg: Paraphrasing Yeats' Wink And Nod...

If you're not familiar with Alfred Lehmberg you should be of course. Alfred writes about UFOs, knows about UFOs, ...he writes a column for UFO Magazine, and oh, so much more. Google him. In the meantime, here's a recent piece from Alfred that fits in with UFO Mary: alienviews: ...Paraphrasing Yeats' Wink And Nod... where Alfred writes of aliens, UFOs, faux Christians, and the attempts of a power structure to control.
That's the way it's always been — the way they write the deal. It makes you docile and non-threatening — it makes you glad to scrape and kneel! Too, invented validations fuel an ignorance so pervasive, it obviates the UFO — disclosure's made "evasive"!
How? "They are piloted by demons; this is found in God's own word! Believers should be stoned in Christ" — Pat Robertson's inferred. This they'll quote from *bibles* mal-translated and... absurd. The resulting machination? Their "Agendas" are inured!
Too, their total *mode* and *flavor* is so back-woods, and inbred. Are we downwind, green-toothed cowards; is imagination dead? The wheel's uninvented (?), and we drag our shit on sleds? We could orient to light, good folk... but provoke the dark instead! ~ Alfred Lehmberg

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