Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vatican Goes TV: "The Exorcist Files"

No, really, this isn't from a Robert Anton Wilson novel, but real life. The Vatican and the Discovery Channel have come together to bring us The Exorcist Files. Recreating actual exorcisms the series will bring us, in dramatized form, the demon laden episodes of the possessed.

The Vatican is an extraordinarily hard place to get access to, but we explained we’re not going to try to tell people what to think,” says Discovery president and GM Clark Bunting.

Bunting says the investigators believe a demon can inhabit an inanimate object (like a home) or a person. The network executive says he was initially skeptical when first meeting the team but was won over after more than three hours of talks.

“The work these folks do, and their conviction in their beliefs, make for fascinating stories,” Bunting says.

Exclusive: Discovery, Catholic Church team for exorcism series | Inside TV |

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