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Jellyfish UFOs, Fata Morgana and the Watery Depths

 Micah Hanks on Jellyfish UFOs and Fata Morgana
Another intriguing piece from Micah A. Hanks at The Gralien Report on a UFO case from 1954. In Attack of the Flying Gople: UFOs, Jellyfish and Arthurian Witches, Hanks discusses a UFO jellyfish sighting from 1954 off the Labrador coast, and its possible explanation.  As Hanks points out, the sighting seemed similar to the "Danish Flying Gople" and the sighting was, according to researcher UFO Martin Shough, a weather phenomena. But, as Hanks points out, and what I also like about Hanks perspective, the esoteric elements are too inviting to ignore:
The mirage phenomenon referred to here, in one of its various forms, has a rather Fortean name, “Fata Morgana,” which at present I find preferable due to its esoteric allusions. Fata Morgana refers to none other than Morgan Le Fay, the witch prominent in Arthurian legends and “fairy mistress of the of the salt sea.”
Fata Morgana/Morgan Le Fay, is responsible for marine imagery in the skies:
Tying Fata Morgana in with Howard’s sighting of a Jellyfish UFO, of particular interest here are legends that state how Morgan created “boats that fly above the sea and never approach the shore and caused golden castles to float in the air above the straits of Messina, ..."

Jellyfish UFOs
A search for "jellyfish UFOs" reveals dozens of stories and images of jellyfish type ufos seen in the skies.

A review of Russian researcher Paul Stonehill's  and Phillip Mantle's 2006 Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon refers to:
In 1977 the 'Petrozavodsk Phenomenon' was notable for the number of different kinds of aerial craft that were observed with the launch of Kosmos-955 - spheres and jellyfish-like craft (which are again being observed in other parts of the world)
In the Watery Depths
Following the theme of the "fairy mistress of the sea" that Micah Hanks writes about, is the following encounter Stonehill and Mantle describe in Mysterious Sky, where Russian divers met up with strange beings in the water, encountering

'swimmers' - humanoid creatures three metres tall garbed in tight fitting silver suits with helmets, but minus any breathing equipment. It was decided to attempt to capture one of the creatures, but the seven divers sent to undertake this task were propelled back to the surface of the lake, consequently suffering from pressure changes resulting from the rapid ascent. Three of the divers died as a result, the remaining four becoming invalids. Similar creatures along with underwater UFOs have been reported in deep water lakes all over Russia.
 The Candy and Jellyfish Sky
Last July I had a UFO-jellyfish dream that I posted on my blog Saucer Sightings. I called it   The Candy and Jellyfish Sky. After observing the skies with a group of people we see large jellyfish above us:
Then I see several huge jellyfish in the sky swarming right above us. This is so amazing, so beautiful! They're about the size of orcas, they're dancing and swirling and "swimming" in the sky/clouds. I get everyone's attention and we watch the jellyfish, then it dawns on us that "Hey, wait just a minute . . . jellyfish don't belong in the sky!" I, we, quickly understand that the jellyfish aren't "real" jellyfish but UFOs. I suddenly seem to be full of knowledge that the jellyfish appearance is "how they cloak themselves" I tell everyone. "They've been doing this for years," I say.
After awhile, the Jellyfish UFOs morph into something else; candy, and most of the people are relieved. Believing that the UFOs weren't UFOs after all, just a fun, simple ad for candy in the sky. But I know better. Things take a surreal turn:
Oh," everyone laughs, relieved. "It's just an ad for candy!"

I can still see, faintly, a few jellyfish/UFOs in the sky, but they've gone dim and are in the background a bit. I tell everyone "No, you're wrong! That's what they want you to think! It's not real."

Someone says "Of course they're not real; it's a commercial for candy!"

Exasperated, I say "Not that! I mean, the jellyfish are real, it's the candy that isn't!"

"Why would the jellyfish pretend to be candy?" Someone asks me, suspiciously, as if I've somehow caused the whole thing. Worse, that I'm up to no good.

Somehow I know things I didn't realized I knew, as if the jellyfish are sending information to my head. "I mean, the government knows about the jellyfish, and they're using the candy to distract us from the jellyfish UFOs."
I end up in Trickster land to be sure, trying to out think the whys of the jellyfish mind:
Later, I briefly wonder why, if the jellyfish don't want to be seen, are they appearing as jellyfish in the sky? Isn't that contrary to where jellyfish reside? Then again, this reversal of jellyfish habitat might be so that we do pay attention. After all, they're aware that they will be denied, so appearing as jellyfish or some other out of place object would be sure to get noticed.
Which brings us back to what Micah has to say in his article about Trickster in relation to Fata Morgana/Morgan Le Fay.

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hongkongfooyHAZE said...

hey im contactable on youtube.. hongkongfooyhaze..

I had a very strange dream involving a jellyfish which happened around 1999.
Despite only having the dream once...that I can remember..... it has stayed with me vividly ever since.
Its starts on a warm summers night in a strange location that seems to be seamlessly blended together out of other places i have been so that I am left, upon recollection wondering if it is in fact a real location I have never been or seen.... which I highly doubt.

Although this for myself is almost impossible to know for sure due to the abnormal amount of imagery I have bombarded myself with.

I recognise that bear keg, those doors, etc.

Anyway - I was standing with a group of indistinguishable people outside 'smoking a fag' having a drink and chatting next to a large dumpster when in the warm starry sky we saw a large, beautifully glowing, flowing slowly descending jellyfish...then we noticed lots more....they seemed very large, perhaps as large as a house with long floating tentacles, some like suckers... stunningly beautiful.
The feeling of wonder and tranquillity was quickly replaced with another feeling of deafening dread. we flick the buts a down the drinks flying round towards the double fire doors and slamming them shut behind, just as the last person past through.
It is then another even more powerful feeling of dread hits.... they are already in here behind us!!!
I found the double dread aspect of this dream to be especially harrowing whilst also strangely magnifying of the previous awe felt by the vision of the jelly/s.
It has stayed with me just as that memorable scene from American Werewolf in London where David awakes to another nightmarish dream which catches him off guard.

Do our subconscious play jokes on our conscious minds?...

i think there is a very good chance this dream coincided with the only time i have EVER fainted... i was outside ...on my own.

...ive done some research... religious figures through history seem to see similar images... could be a medical condition.... lots of paintings can be found under religious ufos...look at them... they could be jellyfish?
other things... voynich manuscript depicts immortal jellyfish on one page.
gilgamesh dove to retrieve a plant ... jellyfish?


i have my theories... would love to hear what u think